Nissan 300Z

Car brochure cutaway illustrations and cutaways for Nissan Motor Corp.

Nissan 300Z car suspension
Nissan 300 Z car drivetrain

Nissan 300Z brochure (above) with velum fly-sheet overlays, c.1990.

Nissan 300 Z car drivetrain

Nissan 300Z print ad with velum fly-sheet overlay, Road & Track and Automobile magazine, c.1990

Nissan 300Z

4 spread transparent overlay flysheets covering suspension, driveline, ergonomics and drag coefficient.


300Z Image Data

  • Client: Nissan (No. America)
  • Agency: The Designory
  • Format: Airbrush
  • Use: Consumer Brochure
  • Photography: Bob Grigg
  • Sucessor: Nissan 350Z

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