Car engine cutaway art

Acura Integra 4-cylinder DOHC engine illustration.

Acura Integra engine cutaway

Engine cutaway illustrations

NSX engine RL engine Vigor engine

These internal combustion engine (ICE) cutaway illustrations are designed to give the automobile consumer a better understanding of the internal mechanical workings of a modern, fuel-efficient gasoline passenger car motor. The basic concept of these cutaway illustrations is to show the interaction between pistons, connecting rods, valve train, valve springs, camshafts, timing chains or belts, crankshaft, oil flow and water cooling jacket; as well as the fuel management electronics, intake manifold, fuel injection system and exhaust manifold. The complexity of most modern car engines lies in the low mass, low weight, and low friction of all moving parts which decreases power-consuming friction and heat, thereby increasing power output and decreasing fuel consumption.

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