Domestic U.S. model sedan.

Cutaway of a generic 4-door passenger car.

Generic U.S. model sedan cutaway

Generic U.S. model sedan image data:

Generic luxury sedan

Layered Photoshop File

Generic U.S. sedan line art

Layered File Data

  • Type: CMYK Photoshop Layered File (.psd)
  • Layer Count: 18 Layers
  • Image Size: 24" @ 350 dpi (6600 x 3400)
  • Easily Customized with System Layers
  • U.S. Copyright Reg# VA 1-766-083, VA 1-766-107
  • Delivery: FTP Download Only

» Generic Domestic U.S. Model Sedan Image «

This is a high-resolution generic stock image of an American-made, late-model four-door sedan that is loosely styled like the Ford Taurus, but does not contain any Ford brand-specific parts or components. This U.S. version domestic car has the same layering as our Japanese sedan image, and can be customized to the same degree. For purchasing this digital image in its layered, high-resolution Photoshop file format please go to: Image Purchase.

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