Generic hybrid vehicle cutaway.

See-through gas/electric hybrid car stock image.

Generic hybrid vehicle cutaway

2010/2011 model generic gas/electric hybrid car with IC engine and transmission, electric motor, AC/DC inverter and NiMH battery array.


Generic gas/electric hybrid image layers:

Generic Hybrid Car

High-Resolution Layered Photoshop File of Gas/Electric Car

Generic hybrid car

File Data

  • CMYK Photoshop Layered File (.psd)
  • Image Size: 24" @ 350 dpi (6600x3400), 245 MB
  • Layer Count: 25 Layers
  • Easily Customized with System Layers
  • U.S. Copyright #: VA 1-765-954, VA 1-766-102
  • Delivery FTP Download Only

Vector Line Art Layers

Illustrator Vector File of Hybrid Car Image

Hybrid cutaway line art

File Data

  • Adobe Illustrator (.AI, .EPS) Vector
  • Layers: 22
  • B&W Line Drawing (no tone)
  • Stand-Alone File
  • Delivery FTP Download Only

Hybrid drive driveline layers:

Layer showing Gas/Electric Drive System

Gas-electric drive system

Layer Data

  • 1. Gas/Electric Motor & V6 IC Engine
  • 2. AC/DC Inverter
  • 3. NiMH Battery Array
  • 4. Generator, Planetary Gear Transmission
  • 5. Electrical Wiring Harness
  • 6. Fuel Tank

Alternate Version

Simplified version with the cabin interior removed to increase clarity

Simplified version of hybrid cutaway

File Data

  • Hybrid Synergy Drive Powertrain
  • Interior Layer Removed
  • Engine Compartment Removed
  • Body Sheet Metal Color Altered

This vehicle stock image is of a ghosted see-through 3/4 view cutaway illustration of a generic gas-electric hybrid car that is cut away to reveal the automobile's internal combustion V6 engine and hybrid-drive electric motor, AC/DC power inverter, NiMH battery array, electrical wiring, driveline, fuel tank, suspension, wheels and brakes. Our low-emission hybrid sedan image is totally generic and is not identified with any specific brand or manufacture, and the file is designed from the ground up to be easily customized to fit your individual needs. All of the layers in this high-resolution Photoshop file are fully adjustable, and each of the car's sub-systems, interior fabric color and body sheet-metal color is organized on its own layer to make adjustments easy. For purchasing details on this digital high-resolution please go to: Image Purchase

All Images Copyright © Kevin Hulsey, Kevin Hulsey Illustration (, all rights reserved.