Mid-engine sports car cutaway.

High-resolution generic stock image by Kevin Hulsey.

Cutaway of mid-engine sports car

Mid-Engine Sports Car

Layered digital file of late-model sports car

Mid-engine sports car

Stock Image Data

  • CMYK Photoshop Layered File (.psd)
  • Image Size: 16" (5600 x 2400)
  • Resolution 350dpi
  • Layer Count: 6
  • Easily Customized
  • Delivery: FTP Download

This stock image of a late-model, mid-engine sports car is available as a high-resolution digital layered Photoshop file. The 2-door coupé is cut-away to show the car's major components including the engine, manual transmission, multi-link suspension components and interior seating, all seen through a semi-transparent outer body. The image is in layers and can be easily adjusted to customize the body color, interior color and opacity of the outer body. For purchasing this digital image in its layered, high-resolution Photoshop file format please go to: Image Purchase.

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