EV Hybrid Car Top View Cutaway

See-Through Arial View of a 2012 Generic Electric Plug-In Car

generic ev hybrid car top view cutaway

This see-through EV electric car image is our latest creation in innovative stock image design, taking over 500 hours to produce the fully-layered high-resolution digitally file. Our generic "green car" itself is a overhead top view of a current 2012 or 2013 model year sedan that is a blending of American, European and Japanese hybrid car design and technology which can be customized in an infinitely variable number of ways.

Image Data for Top View of Generic EV Electric Vehicle Plug-In Electric Car

2012 Generic EV Electric Vehicle Aerial View

Layered Photoshop File

aerial view of plugin car

Layered File Data

  • Type: CMYK Photoshop layered file (.psd)
  • Layer Count: 24 Layers
  • Image Size: 15" @ 350 dpi (5600x2800) 232 MB
  • Easily customized with system layers
  • U.S. Copyright Reg#: VAu 1-096-907
  • Delivery: FTP download only

Hybrid Car Engine Configuration Options

FWD Gas/Electric Hybrid Driveline

This image shows the driveline schematic of this vehicle with a small four-cylinder diesel or gasoline engine and a hybrid drive electric motor assist transmission and regenerative braking system.

fwd gas-electric hybrid driveline

Hybrid Car Driveline Layer Data

  • Four-cylinder diesel engine
  • Hybrid drive transmission
  • NiMH battery array
  • AC/DC inverter
  • Exhaust system and muffler
  • Close-Up: Hybrid Car Driveline

FWD All-Electric Plugin Car

This image shows the driveline schematic of an all-electric plugin vehicle with a electric motor.

fwd all-electric plugin car driveline

Plugin Car Driveline Layer Data

  • 3-phase electric motor
  • Transmission transaxle
  • NiMH battery array
  • AC/DC inverter
  • Roof mounted solar panel
  • Close-Up: Plugin Car Driveline

» Aerial Overhead View of a See-Through Plugin Car «

Each system and sub-system of this generic EV electric car is on a stand-alone layer which can be emphasized, de-emphasized or eliminated altogether. This stock image is available as a front-wheel-drive (FWD) EV all-electric plug-in car with an electric motor as its primary power source, or as a gas-electric hybrid car version with a conventional high-efficiency diesel engine and hybrid drive electric motor assist transmission.

Also shown are the car's main electrical system and wiring harness, a roof-mounted solar panel to charge the 12V battery and run the air conditioning system, an all-electric 3-phase motor, FWD transmission and transaxle, AC/DC inverter, NiMH battery array, power inverter module, electro-hydraulic brake control unit (HCU) to assist in regenerative braking. Each sub-system is on its own layer.

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