Electric car cutaway

Toyota Rav4 EV electric vehicle SUV prototype.

Cutaway Toyota Rav4 EV electric vehicle

The Rav4 EV Electric Vehicle is a concept plug-in battery powered automobile, or 'electric drive vehicle' (EV) that was way ahead of its time when it was introduced in 1997, and was initially leased between 1997 to 2003. This Zero-Emission vehicle falls in the Mini SUV category, with a top speed of 78 mph, and a driving a range of between 100 and 120 miles. Using a Transmission Fixed ratio transmission with only one gearing ratio. Performance is limited to a tested 0-60 time in around 18 seconds. Electricity is delivered using a 95 amp-hour NiMH battery array which has a capacity of 27 kWh and as life-span of around 150,000 miles with the original battery pack.

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