Ghosted car illustration

NSX Acura with transparent see-through body.

Red NSX ghosted illustration

Ghosted car illustration

Acura NSX, Honda Motor Co.

yellow car

NSX Data

  • Honda Motor Company
  • 2-door coupĂ©
  • Years: 1990 to 2005
  • 270 bhp (181.7 cu) V6
  • Mid-engine (transverse)
  • 6-speed manual trans.

This Ghosted Illustration of the Acura NSX shows the interior components of the car - chassis, engine, transmission, suspension components and interior cabin - through a semi-transparent see-through outer shell. The ghosting technique, also known as a 'phantom view' illustration, differs from the exploded view illustration technique in that there is less visibility to the interior parts but ghosting may be more appealing to the lay-person. This illustration was done as self-promotion in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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